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Veterinary is the skill in Ultima Online, that is like Healing, only for creatures instead of humans. Only with this skill it is possible to heal creatures and pets. The skill also increases the stable slot limit. The bigger the skill, the better the chances for success, especially when combining it with the Animal Lore skill. Vetting bandages take 2 seconds regardless of healer's stats.

Note that should the player learn Animal Taming, this skill is absolutely needed to make good use of it.


Training of course involves usage of the skill. After first training with a stablemaster up to 30 skill points, practical use is needed.

Skill Level How to Train
0 - 30 Train at a NPC Stablemaster
30 - 60 Heal a damaged creature
60 - 80 Cure a poisoned creature
80 - 120 Ressurrect a dead pet


  • At 60.0 skill in Animal Lore and Veterinary the player will be able to cure creatures.
  • At 80.0 skill in Animal Lore and Veterinary the player will be able to resurrect dead pets.
  • Healing will always cure the poison first. In order to heal damage, players have to apply another bandage. They can not heal a pet before they are cured.
  • Time to heal is based not on the Dexterity