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Animal Lore is a skill in Ultima Online which enables the player to have knowledge about the animals of the wild. Essentially, targeting a creature with the skill gives information like stats, resists, skills and elemental damage distribution. At first it only works on tamed animals, later, at 100 skill, it works on wild ones, and at 110 points on every creature.

Additionally, Animal Lore influences two other skills as well. It influences Veterinary by altering the amount of healed HP, as well as allowing curing and ressurecting. In Animal Taming, it is one of the factors to determine the success of controlling the animal. It also influences Herding.

Also it determines how many animals can be held in a stable.


Unlike other skills, this one can only be trained by "learning by doing". The obvious way of course is, to target all kind of animals to gather skill points, but this is a rather long procedure. A faster way is, to use the Animal Taming and Veterinary skills, as Animal Lore is automatically raised with them.