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About me[edit]

I started playing Ultima when my parents bought our first home computer, a Tandy 1000 which came with Ultima 6. I became a little obsessed with the series, playing every game multiple times, tracking down all kinds of merchandise, etc. I found the Ultima Dragons on the Internet shortly after playing Serpent Isle, so my Dragon name reflects my favorite character of the game, Isstanar.

Automata Dragon

My projects[edit]

Ultima Forever

  • Bestiary
  • Characters
  • Items
  • Quests
  • Tarot Cards

Lord of Ultima

  • Add basic information on Lord of Ultima to the Codex Done!
  • Add information on units and monsters Done!
  • Add information on buildings Done!
  • Add information on resources and artifacts (in process) Done!
  • Copy technical information from the, now defunct, Lord of Ultima Wiki so it has a permanent home here Done!

Ultima Saga

  • Re-read Lynn Abbey's Forge of Virtue and Temper of Wisdom Done!
  • Create Infobox templates for FoV/ToW characters Done!
  • Create topics for each character in FoV / ToW (in process)
  • Create base topics for FoV/ToW, separate from the Commercial Fiction pages, for book summaries/"walkthrough" Done!
  • Update existing topics for characters/events in FoV / ToW (in process)

Technocrat War

  • Do all of the above for the Technocrat War trilogy (once I get them unpacked)

My Sandbox

  • Imagemap of Britannia (possibly others)
  • Pagan--Sosaria connection

Project notes[edit]

  • While I can't say that I like Lord of Ultima any more than before I started the pass, there are two things I enjoy about the game. First, the artwork is great. If it was in a single-player adventure game, I'd be set. Two, the music and ambient sounds are top notch, probably because they stole the Ultima X Odyssey Soundtrack for it. I still don't care for the competitive aspects, or seemingly endless waiting; these could be "Farmvilled" up a lot to make a nice, co-operative mode game that would really feel more Ultima-like than Evony-like.
  • The Ultima Saga books really do just stop, with no cool-down or anything. Although its not a traditional Ultima story, it fills in the pieces very well and could (with some cleanup) fit in remarkably well. Better than U1&2 do to the rest of the series, anyway. I wish the author had been allowed to complete the trilogy.

My contributions[edit]

My favorite pages[edit]

  • Magic - One of my favorite aspects of Ultima is the creative magic system
  • Moongate - The other is the moongate cycle, culminating in U5 and 6