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The Cloth Map
Included with Ultima III was this cloth map, showing the continent of Sosaria. However, as it is explained in The Book of Play, the cartographer got attacked before he could add the locations of the cities, dungeons and Moongates to the map. Thus the map only shows the pure landscape without these landmarks, although the names of cities and castles were listed in runic at the sides of the map. It was seriously suggested to mark these things with pins! Fun fact is, that the map actually was drawn by Richard Garriott's mother!

The map actually has two different versions. The original version of the map is printed on a rather thick cloth and also has vibrant colors. The later versions (~1986) are on a more synthetic cloth and the color is much shifted to reds and yellows, making the map much harder to read.

Japanese releases of Ultima III contained a different version of the cloth map which removed the city images from the sides of the map, but clearly placed all cities and dungeons on the map of Sosaria.

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