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Tribun's Portrait Pack is a mod for the Ultima 6 Project, created with the goal of filling in the missing NPC portraits, which never got finished due to loss of the 2D artist during development. It however does not cover gargoyle or fuzzy NPCs. These instead are covered in Anguilla's Portrait Pack.


The creation of the mod came about more as a complete surprise rather than being planned right from the start. Tribun Dragon, having already played the 1.01 version of the game, while being annoyed by the lack of many portraits, didn't at the start plan to make all of them. It started with the attempt to re-create the Shrines of the Principles from an illustration in A Safe Passage Through Britannia, since he deemed the placeholders especially ugly. Due to this being done close to release of the 1.1 version, these three portraits were the only ones covered in the game itself.

Tribun Dragon from that moment decided to try and create as many portraits as possible and make these available in a mod in order to fill the gaps. The effort soon grew from just several to trying to create all missing portraits. The plan was ambitious and it proved impossible to do everything at one time. So with the help of team member Aletys, Tribun Dragon first created 50 portraits for the first portrait pack in just a week. The second pack, consisting of a little over 70 additional portraits, was created in three more weeks. The last pack, consisting of another 17 extra portraits, took considerably more time, due to Aletys being absent and Shaella, who hosts the mods, taking over coding.

  • 132 NPCs got their missing portraits.
  • Artegal and Captain Johne have more than one portrait. Artegal has three showing his healing, and Captain Johne has two, with and without his hat.
  • Portraits for the Codex Guardians and a red moongate got replaced.
  • Male and female night clerks have new silhouettes.

A complete gallery of the new portraits can be seen here: Portrait Gallery.