Anguilla's Portrait Pack

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Anguilla's Portrait Pack is a mod for the Ultima 6 Project, created with the goal of filling in the missing NPC portraits for the gargoyle and fuzzy NPCs, which never got finished due to loss of the 2D artist during development. It however does not cover human NPCs. These instead are covered in Tribun's Portrait Pack.


The creation of the mod came about more as a complete surprise rather than being planned right from the start. Anguilla was approached by Aletys to make the portraits for the fuzzies, which up to then had remained portraitless. From there, one thing led to another and in the end, not only fuzzies, but gargoyle and cyclops portraits were made as well.

The pack also included two human portraits (Gherick and Wanda), whith the naming of the mod determining if these portraits are used, or not.

  • 29 NPC portraits for gargoyles, fuzzys and cyclops plus two human ones.
  • Compartible with the other portrait pack due to priority settings for human NPC portraits.