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| author=
| moreAuthors=
| title=
| docLink=
| section=
| game= 
| in-game=
| publisher=
| year=  
| month=
| day=
| page=
| pages=


  • author: in case of a book or document, the main author, in "Lastname, Firstname" format. In case of a magazine, if the "section" parameter is used, then the author should be the article or column author; otherwise, it can be omitted. No link is automatically added to the author's article, if one exists, so it should be manually included. If the book has a real and in-game author, the most known of them should be used.
  • moreAuthors: optional, "true" if the book has more authors, "false" or omitting this parameter means the book has only one author.
  • title: book, magazine, or document title. The template will automatically add a link to its article, or if it is an in-game book and it has no article, to Ultima Codex:Research tips and resources#Texts. If none of the above (no article or not an in-game book), no link will be added, unless the "docLink" parameter is provided.
  • docLink: optional, ONLY for books which don't have an article and are NOT in-game, but which are referenced elsewhere in the web (usually documents). Should be an HTTP link.
  • section: optional, book/document section or chapter; or magazine article or section name.
  • game: optional, only if the book is included with an Ultima game; if so, the name of the Ultima game (the link to its article will be added automatically).
  • in-game: optional, "true" if the book/document exists only inside a game, "false" or omitting this parameter means the book/document exists outside the games.
  • publisher: optional, the book/document/magazine publisher.
  • year: optional, the year the book/magazine/document was published.
  • month: optional, the month the magazine/document was published.
  • day: optional, the day the document was published/created.
  • page: optional, a page number, IF there is only one page referenced. Otherwise, use "pages".
  • pages: optional, a page range separated by a dash (e.g., 15-20, 3-4).