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Pincher, from Ultima III manual
Variants: Bradle, Snatch
Only appearance: Ultima III

Pinchers (and their greater cousins bradles and snatchs) are a variety of venomous beasts which appeared in Ultima III during Exodus' incursions into Sosaria.


These two legged creatures attacked their prey with bites from their envenomed insectoid maws, delivering a deadly poison into the veins of their opponents. While these bizarre monsters inflicted very little immediate damage with their attacks, their toxic spittle could soon prove the end of even the most stalwart of adventurers, should they be far from a healer and without a companion capable of employing the Alcort spell.

Appearing only briefly during the last years of the Age of Darkness, these beasts eventually faded from the Sosarian landscape in the years following the Stranger's victory on the Isle of Fire, and were absent from the realm by the time of Ultima IV.

Ultima III for NES[edit]

In the NES port, pinchers are not included as an enemy. Snatchs are described as dungeon-dwellers, while bradles are found only above ground.


Any bite from these creatures is poisonous. If a character is bitten, only a Prayer or a Healer, can cure the poison that is running in thy character's vein. Every step the character takes, lowers the character's hit level by one. If thou art far from a Healer, thou dost travel with a walking dead man.

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