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Richard Garriott, the creator of the Ultima series, has been the subject of numerous interviews throughout his career. The following list endeavors to provide a comprehensive collection of these conversations, which variously detail Garriott's life, philosophies, and his personal thoughts on the Ultima series.

Date Source Topics discussed
November 1983 Softline Ultima III and Ultima IV
June 14, 1984 GameSIG's Online Conference with Lord British (1984) Ultima IV
October 12, 1985 GameSIG's Online Conference with Lord British (1985) Ultima IV
1986 GEnie Conference with Lord British Ultima IV and Ultima V
March 1986 Computer Gaming World No. 26 Ultima IV
June 1987 QuestBusters Ultima V
July 1987 QuestBusters Other games
April 13, 1988 The Gamers' Forum's online conference with Lord British Ultima V, Ultima VI
May 2, 1990 The GAMERS' Forum's ULTIMA VI Conference Ultima VI, The Savage Empire, Ultima VII
1992 Ultima: The Avatar Adventures Detailed information about the history and lore of Ultima.
April 23, 1992 Origin archive Ultima history and recent release of Ultima VII
July 8, 1992 The GAMERS' Forum's ULTIMA VII Conference Ultima VII, Ultima VII Part Two and Ultima VIII
April 28, 1993 ORIGIN - Richard Garriott and the Ultima series on Today Ultima series, Ultima VII Part Two preview
December 6, 1993 Usenet - Lord British talks about Ultima VIII in Berlin Ultima VIII development, Ultima IX, and Ultima Underworld III
April 27, 1994 The GAMERS' Forum's ULTIMA VIII Conference Ultima VIII
May 1996 Richard Garriott on early Ultima IX Version E3 1996 Ultima IX, Ultima X
September 1996 Lord British Speaks at DragonCon 1996 Ultima IX
October 22, 1996 MSN Q&A with Richard Garriott Ultima IX, Ultima Online, and other Origin games.
November 13, 1996 Arcadium chat with Richard Garriott Ultima Online, Ultima series, and gaming in general.
1998 Ultima Collection Video interviews discussing various aspects of the series.
October–November 1998 Desslock's RPG News interview with Richard Garriott Nine-part interview covering each game design aspect of Ultima IX.
1999 Prima's Official Guide to Ultima IX: Ascension A revised reprint of the interview from Ultima: The Avatar Adventures combined with a further discussion about Ultima VII, Ultima VIII, and Ultima IX.
December 2001 Gamespy - Lord British Lives and his Lineage Looks Strong Lineage, Tabula Rasa, Ultima
July 17, 2002 GamesFirst! Tabula Rasa, Lineage II
July 17, 2002 Gamasutra Gaming philosophies
February 10, 2003 Gamespy - A chat with the Lord Ultima VIII, Ultima IX, Lineage, and his reasons for leaving EA
March 15, 2007 The Guardian MMOs in general
June 19, 2007 The Escapist Ultima, Tabula Rasa
November 4, 2007 GamersGlobal Tabula Rasa, Ultima
November 26, 2007 Warren Spector Master Class interview with Richard Garriott Three-hour interview conducted for the University of Texas, covering game design, the history of Origin and the Ultima series, Ultima Online, and Tabula Rasa.
April 30, 2009 Crispy Gamer interview, part one Ultima
May 9, 2009 Crispy Gamer interview, part two Ultima
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