Resisting Spells

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The name of the skill Resisting Spells in Ultima Online is somewhat misleading. The skill does not grant protection from all spells, but only increases defense against spells that lower stats or ones that last for a specific duration of time. It does not protect against direct-damage spells. Nonetheless, for a Mage, this skill is important, as it lowers the danger of being overpowered by another spallcaster.

At higher levels, the Resisting Spells skill also benefits you by adding a bonus to your minimum elemental resists. This bonus is only applied after all other resist modifications from what you're wearing have been calculated. It's also not cumulative. It compares the number of your minimum resists to the calculated value of your modifications and uses the higher of the two values.

  • Up to 100 skill points, the formula for minimum resist is: (Skill*10-400)/15
  • Above that, the formula is (Skill+100)/5


  • 0 - 50: New Haven. In the 12 Mage's Guild shop, seek out the NPC, Alefian, to receive a quest that requires you to raise Resisting Spells to 50 through battle. At some point in the quest accelerated skill gain will activate which will result in the normal 0.1% skill increase increment to range from 0.2-0.5% lasting until the quest conditions have been satisfied. The title of the quest is Defying the Arcane and the reward is the blessed Bracelet of Resilience.
  • 30 - 120: Hew Haven. Unarmed, target several Spectral Spellbinders. The more that are casting on you, the faster you can gain. Once, a damaged house to the South Southeast of the remaining Haven buildings allowed a player remain out of melee range while still subject to the Magery and Necromancy spells thrown by the Spectral Spellbinders, but no longer. However, if you venture North from, Old Haven into Weylins house, you can teleport into the corner of his bedroom, and be able to remain out of melee range, while the Spectral Spellbinder is casting spells on you.