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Provocation is one of the three skills of a Bard in Ultima Online they can use after learning Musicianship. When used right, it will lure two creatures to battle each other to the death (or until the bard leaves). It is the opposite of Peacemaking. The danger is that should the skill fail, the creatures will attack the player at once. Every creature also has a barding difficulty, which can be see with the skill Animal Lore.

Note that the bard has to remain visible to the creatures to continue the effect of this skill, which is one of the most powerful available.


Like the other two bard skills, this one can first be trained up to 40 points in New Haven, before other methods have to be found to advance further. This generally includes actively using the skill against creatures. One sworn on method is, to sit in a boat at the coast, so the the land-bound creature can't reach the player, and fire off the skill repeatedly without any danger of an attack.