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Proto-Martians from Martian Dreams manual
Only appearance: Martian Dreams

Roughly, Proto-Martians on Mars are to Martians what Neanderthals are to Humans. They are somewhat intelligent and can clearly battle their foes with a tactic in mind. However, they can't be reasoned with and take delight in slaughtering their enemies with their crude wepaons.

Proto-Martians have spread over the planet since the disappearance of the higher Martians, becoming a serious threat.


Though the sentient Martian race became extinct long before man set foot on the red planet, a primitive relative managed to survive. Though nowhere near as intelligent as their ancient cousins, the omnivorous proto-martians are clearly the top of the heap among the remaining plant creatures. (For the sake of comparison, think of proto-martians as somewhere between gorillas and human cavemen in intellect.) Alone among plantimals, the proto-martians travel in bands and use crude weapons (sticks, hurled rocks, and so on). They generally live near the bases of mountains, seeking the shelter of caves. They have also been spotted roaming the plains, living in crudely constructed shelters. Be warned that proto-martians are not intelligent enough to reason with. Consider them clearer, dangerous animals.

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