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Phantom, from Ultima IV manual
Only appearance: Ultima IV

Phantoms are undead entities which are invisible to the naked eye, save for the physical arms and armour they carry. They appear in Ultima IV.


Phantoms are said to be the remnants of dead warriors, who have been twisted by evil forces such that they must continually relive the battles of their previous lives. Their bodies, if they can be said to have any, do no appear to mortal sight, although they are easily detected by the mundane swords and shields they still bear. Other than the peculiarity of their cursed existence, these sad apparitions do not appear to have any properties which differentiate the from mortal fighters, but are fairly difficult to defeat without dispelling magic.

Phantoms were commonly found in dungeons and at other sites where men met their demise in battle. Appearing only at the very beginning of the Age of Enlightenment, these strange beings could occasionally in the company of the enigmatic wisps.


These tragic souls have been captured by evil and forced to reenact their battles throughout all time. They are bodiless, but can be detected because their swords and shields remain visible. Phantoms are tough opponents as dying is meaningless to them.


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