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Ninjitsu is the trademark skill of the Ninja of the Tokuno Islands in Ultima Online, although everyone can learn it. While the Samurai with Bushido favor honorable battle, a Ninja takes every advantage that will defeat the enemy. A Book on Ninjitsu is needed to actively use the moves. These moves mostly either involve turning into an animal or use stealth to either move around or backstab the enemy.

Despite it seeming logical, this does not hurt karma in any way.


After buying points from NPC Ninja in Zento until reaching 30, use the following moves at the following skill levels for maxium effeciency training:

  • 30 - 40: Cast Animal Form Rat or Rabbit
  • 40 - 50: Cast Animal Form Cat or Dog
  • 50 - 60: Summon Mirror Images. Attack your mirror images so they will disappear.
  • 60 - 70: Use Focus Attack
  • 70 - 85: Use Shadow Jump
  • 85 - 120: Use Death Strike


A1.gif Animal Form Mana Cost Minimum Skill The Ninja can use this spell to take the shape of a beast, granting himself animal-like ability. Animal form gives the Ninja the ability to transform into an animal, gaining special bonuses unique to each type of creature. There are 12 animal forms available to a skilled Ninja. The Ninja cannot use special attacks or cast spells while in animal form, EXCEPT for Mirror Image.
10 0-99
A2.gif Mirror Image Mana Cost Minimum Skill Creates a Mirror Image of their self, which can absorb a single attack from an enemy before disappearing. Ninjas can create up to 4 Mirror Images at a time, making it quite difficult to determine which Ninja is real.
10 20
A3.gif Focus Attack Mana Cost Minimum Skill Besides giving a small damage bonus, Focus Attack also increases the effectiveness of any magical properties on the weapon the Ninja uses for the attack.
10 30
A4.gif Backstab Mana Cost Minimum Skill Backstab requires the Ninja to be in Stealth mode in order to initiate this special attack. Backstab applies a damage bonus to the attack, matching the Ninjitsu skill.
30 40
A5.gif Shadow Jump Mana Cost Minimum Skill While in Stealth mode, the Ninja can jumps a considerable distance away while hidden. Upon landing, the Ninja’s Stealth ability determines if they remain hidden from view.
15 50
A6.gif Surprise Attack Mana Cost Minimum Skill Surpise Attack is an attack that can only be initiated by a Ninja in Stealth mode. It inflicts a defense penalty on the Ninja’s opponent for a short duration.
20 60
A7.gif Ki Attack Mana Cost Minimum Skill The Ki Attack requires superb timing and quick movement of a well trained Ninja. In order to execute this attack, the Ninja will have to initiate the Ki Attack and then quickly close the distance between himself and his opponent to deliver an effective blow. The farther the Ninja travels to deliver the blow, the higher the damage bonus of his Ki Attack.
25 80
A8.gif Death Strike Mana Cost Minimum Skill 5 seconds after receiving a Death Strike, the Ninja's opponent will suffer damage determined by the number of steps he has taken since the attack, and the average of the Ninja's Hiding and Stealth skills. Ranged weapons only do half the normal Death Strike damage. The damage dealt is far greater if the Ninja’s opponent chooses to run away rather than stand and fight.
30 85