King's Savior

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King’s Savior is a rare species of flowering plant that appears in Ultima VII Part Two, and is used as a means to prepare sleep arrows.


Native to Serpent Isle and known for its sedative properties, King's Savior is identifiable by its distinctive spiked foliage and small yellow blossom, and grows isolated near mushrooms on the western shore of the mainland's Great Northern Forest. When introduced into the bloodstream of a creature, the juices of the plant induce an instant, deep slumber, and can be weaponized into sleep arrows by treating ordinary projectiles with the narcotic sap.


In Ultima VII Part Two, as the Avatar's hunt for the fugitive sage Batlin progressed north beyond Gorlab Swamp, the hero soon happened upon a small, sparsely inhabited mining camp ruled over by a tyrannical and seemingly invulnerable Monitorian prospector, Draygan. It was here that the Avatar learned of King's Savior from Beryl, a woman enslaved under Draygan's despotism who beseeched her long-awaited rescuer to incapacitate him using an arrow treated with the elusive plant.[1] In fulfilling this task, the Avatar was able to slay the defenseless Draygan and rightfully return the source of his power—the mystical Orb of Elerion—to the Forest Master from which it was stolen, Morghrim, and liberate Beryl from her servitude.



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