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Janitor from Martian Dreams manual
Only appearance: Martian Dreams

The Janitor is another piece of machinery left behind by the Martians on Mars. At first you might laugh, since what danger could a Janitor be? You'll stop laughing once this machine goes rabid, since its programming isn't prepared for humans and comes to the conclusion to dispose of the "trash." They are slow, but very heavily armored and can do serious damage.

Usually found in the old cities of Mars.


The janitor was another remnant of the Martians' technological legacy. Originally conceived to monitor the underground levels, keeping them free from loose mechanical parts, piles of ore, and any other trash that might accumulate, they were mindless automatons. Since humans were not protected items in their instructions, we therefore qualified as trash. At best, it was undignified to lose a fight with one of these machines; at worst, it could also be quite harmful to your health.

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