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Hedgehog from Martian Dreams manual
Only appearance: Martian Dreams

The Hedgehog of Mars is the size of a wild boar and shows very similar behavior. Its sharp fangs and tusks can cause quickly cause severe damage. While usually easy to kill, Hedgehogs usually travel around in big packs, significantly escalating their threat level when encountered in large numbers.

Hedgehogs are found in the wilderness of Mars.


This belligerent, mid-sized carnivore fills the ecological niche of Earth wolves. Woody tusks, sharp fangs, and thorns that can be sent flying through the air make the lone hedgehog quite formidable. Unfortunately, they often travel in packs, making them even more of a threat. A group of hedgehogs can take down a bushalo with ease, and can even give a sextelleger a hard time. Be ever alert for hedgehogs they range far and wide and can be found anywhere on the planet.

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