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Fish, from Ultima VII manual.
Variants: Light Horns
Predatory Fish
First appearance: Ultima VI
Last appearance: Ultima IX

Fish are aquatic animals, which are hunted as a food on a variety of worlds. They appear in Ultima VI, VII, VII Part Two, VIII and IX as well as in the Ultima Underworld series and in Savage Empire.


Fish can be encountered nearly anywhere with large unpolluted bodies of water, and such creatures are a staple source of food in the coastal communities. Fish may be eaten raw or cooked, and their flesh may be preserved for later use through salting or drying.

Flounder and trout are both commonly eaten throughout Britannia, and fish also feature in the diets of the world's cyclopes,[1] lizard men and goblins.[2] The gwani of Serpent Isle also rely on fish stocks as a source of food and medicine, and fish are prominent in foodstuffs on both Pagan and Eodon.


Main article: Sharks

In the early Britannia, large carnivorous fish known as sharks were common to the world's seas, and were often bold enough to assault human sailing vessels. While these creatures do not appear to have fully disappeared frpm the realm's waters in later ages, attacks by sharks declined steeply after the years of the Oppression.

Predatory Fish[edit]

Main article: Predatory Fish

In the last days of the Age of Armageddon, aggressive carnivorous fish became a common sight in Britannia's shoals and waterways. These predatory beasts could quickly overpower ill-prepared travelers, especially when they were encountered in large numbers.


This generally harmless water-breathing creature can be found in abundance in the seas, rivers and lakes of Britannia. It greatly contributes to the local food supply.
Fish are nothing more than food from the rivers. While some contend that larger members of the species oft times display a fair amount of intelligence, I have yet to know one serve better than on my plate.

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