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Creeper from Martian Dreams manual
Only appearance: Martian Dreams

The Creeper might at first look like a harmless vine. On Mars, however, where much of the native lifeforms are plant-like, no vegetation can be taken for granted. The Creeper vine moves over the surface of the planet in search for food in herds. Once a suitable victim is found, the creeper wraps itself around its prey to suffocate it. They resemble the Tangle Vines of Britannia. Thankfully, their bodies are so fragile that they are easy to rip apart.

They are found anywhere on the surface of the planet.


This rootless, leafy vine is the above-ground equivalent of the cave worm. Its natural habitats are the mountainous regions of Mars, though it will travel as far as necessary to find food. It squirms about the surface and attacks by wrapping itself around its victims and suffocating them. The creeper tends to be shy, attacking only when requiring one of its infrequent feedings, but it can respond viciously to provocation.

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