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Ultima VI certificate

For Ultima III through Ultima VII, Ultima Underworld, and Ultima VIII, players were invited to report to Lord British (Richard Garriott) at Origin after completing each game. In doing so, the player would then be mailed a commendatory completion certificate written in immersive style, personalized with their name and, in most cases, signed by Garriott as Lord British. With Origin's closure, these certificates have since become desirable as collector's items.

Completion certificates were also issued for the first Ultima Trilogy compilation. None were officially produced for Ultima Underworld II or Ultima VII Part Two, however, despite falling within the span of games for which they were offered.

In 2015, Richard Garriott pledged to continue honoring certificate requests such that signed reproductions may now instead be obtained by sending him, care of Portalarium, Inc., a stamped, self-addressed envelope with proof of completion.[1]

Noteworthy content[edit]

Several points of particular interest can be observed in some of the certificates:

  • The Ultima V certificate takes a somewhat more personal tone from Lord British, in light of his rescue from otherworldly imprisonment.
  • As well as Lord British's own remarks, the certificate for Ultima VI carries a message in Gargish from Lord Draxinusom.
  • The certificate for Ultima Underworld is penned by Baron Almric and presents an official declaration of the Avatar's innocence in his daughter Arial's kidnapping, as well an expression of sorrow over his accusations to the contrary.
  • In the Ultima VII certificate, it is revealed the moonstones have been destroyed and, as a consequence, efforts are to be undertaken in assisting the stranded Avatar's return to Earth.
  • The Ultima VIII certificate indicates the Avatar remains absent from Britannia upon entering the blackrock Obelisk.




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