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Ultima VI certificate

From Ultima III to Ultima VII, players were told to report to Lord British after they'd won the game. Reporting to Origin that you were victorious resulted in a Completion Certificate, with the player's name, sent by mail. These certificates are, today, highly sought-after collector's items. A certificate was also given for the Ultima Trilogy and Ultima Underworld, but strangely there is none for Ultima Underworld II.

There are several interesting bits about these certificates.

  • The Ultima V certificate is a personal "Thank You" from Lord British for his rescue.
  • The certificate to Ultima VI also contains a message in Gargish.
  • The certificate for Ultima Underworld comes from Baron Almric and not only contains an apology but also official documentation of the Avatar's innocence in Arial's kidnapping.
  • In the Ultima VII certificate, Lord British talks about how the moonstones were destroyed and that they'd try to find a way for the Avatar to return home.
  • The Ultima VIII certificate indicates that originally, the Avatar didn't return to Britannia in the end.

Following is a gallery of all the completion certificates.


  • There do exist two slightly different fan-made versions of the certificate for Ultima VII Part Two. Where Lord British promises to pick up the companions.