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Almric, from Ultima Underworld
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld
The Ultima 6 Project
Almric, from The Ultima 6 Project
Location: Castle Britannia
Almric in the cluebook
Baron Almric is the governor of the surface colony of the Abyss on the Isle of the Avatar in Ultima Underworld.


After the construction of Sir Cabirus' colony commenced within the Abyss, Almric, the former Master of Hounds to Lord British, was placed in charge of a small village built near the dungeon's egress. When Tyball kidnapped Almric's daughter Arial to the Abyss, the governor in his grief falsely accused the Avatar of the crime instead. Failing to heed the Avatar's pleas of innocence, Almric sentenced the hero to rot in the nearby dungeon. After the hero's escape from the Abyss, Almric was thankful for the rescue of Arial, and asked the Avatar for forgiveness.

Ultima 6 Project[edit]

This is an Ultima 6 Project-related NPC article or section. The information within may not apply to Ultima VI or other Ultima games.

In The Ultima 6 Project, Almric was still serving as Master of Hounds in Lord British's castle. Almric felt he was truly gifted to be allowed to look after the dogs, feeling that all creatures in Britannia were wonderful. If the Avatar spoke with Sir Cabirus in Serpent's Hold about Almric's planned involvement in creating a colony in the Abyss, Almric elucidated upon these plans further.


  • Interesting enough the Avatar's innocence was announced by Almric in the completion certificate of the game. The Avatar also gave an account of what happened to Almric's librarian.