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Corwin, from Ultima Underworld
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld
Corwin on the PSX
Corwin is the captain of the guard of Baron Almric's fortress in Ultima Underworld I. However, he only appears during the introduction of the game.


Corwin led the group of guards that found the Avatar in Arial's room, arresting the hero. However, when later reporting to Baron Almric, Corwin had to admit that they had failed to rescue Arial. He had barely escaped with three of his men from the Abyss.

So the Baron sentenced the Avatar to find Arial. Corwin escorted the Avatar to the entrance, and warned that while he would wait outside, he would only open the door upon hearing Arial's voice. He then locked the Avatar into the Abyss.

When the Avatar finally escapes the Abyss, Corwin is mentioned helping the Avatar board Baron Almric's ship.