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Ankylosaurus (Eodon map)
Only appearance: Savage Empire

The Ankylosaurus is a four-legged dinosaurian herbivore found only in the valley of Eodon. Despite its peaceful nature, it is more than capable of defending itself from any attackers with the thick knot at the end of its tail.

Surprisingly, the Urali Tribe has managed to tame smaller Ankylosaurus for use as mounts, as proven by their prince, Darden.


Family Ankylosauridae. This low-slung dinosaur with the armored back dates to the late Cretaceous period (about 65 million years ago, up to the end of the age of dinosaurs). An herbivore, it moves about on four legs, defending itself with a massive macelike knot at the end of its tail. It grows to some 18 feet and weighs about three tons, making it about the length and weight of a car. I have personally seen one native man riding a smaller variety of ankylosaur, but as he was in the process of trying to murder me at the time, I failed to query him on his techniques for capturing and training the beast.

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