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I'm Warder Dragon of the UDIC. I ran Ultima Legacy after the previous admins left up until the closure of the shard. I was also involved with the development of Ultima V: Lazarus, though I was not on the team in any official capacity. My hobbies include moonlit walks on the beach and preventing the destruction of Britannia, over and over again. Oh, and I joined the Codex of Editable Wisdom so I could KAL VAS LORE on pages with factual fallacies.

I am currently not doing that many edits - sorry about that, people - because most of my designated hobby time is spent making a proper Britannia map for Ultima Online. I'll be making a proper development blog at some point, but in case you are interested, here are a few samples:

Doubts about his person[edit]

While Warder Dragon seemed to be an idealist, some observation also shows some other facets of his character:

  • He seems extremely content to sleep all day.
  • He also seems to lack inhibitions when it comes to alcohol consumption!
  • He rarely makes useful edits to the Wiki anymore. :(