Ultima Legacy: Serpent Isle

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Ultima Legacy: Serpent Isle

Founded in 2000 by Darkheart Dragon of the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter, Ultima Legacy is a privately run Ultima Online roleplaying shard. Deeply rooted in classical Ultima lore, the game began as taking place in Britannia, a mere decade and a half after Ultima VII, and has gone on to build a history all its own. Developers are a mix of die-hard Ultima fans, including some who worked on Ultima V: Lazarus.

In March 2008,[1] the shard started being revamped to a new setting, Serpent Isle, and making the engine transition from Sphere to RunUO. Meanwhile, roleplaying and planning was going on in the Forum. The new setting is Serpent Isle such as it is after the destruction wrought by the War of Imbalance and the Banes of Chaos.

After April 2008, no more news about the revamp appeared on the Ultima Legacy site.[2] On June 2009, comments appeared on the forums about reviving Ultima Legacy.[3] As of October 2010, no more news have been heard about the shard, and it appears to be defunct.


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