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Sorry for the sucky cellphone pic, but Genji and his sweet ride had to say hi.

About me[edit]

I am the person who translated three of them there Ultima magnas. I'm of little use to the wiki beyond that.

To do[edit]

  • Finish long-delayed translations of FM Towns intro sequences Done, at last!
  • Scan manga-by-way-of-Boris Vallejo retelling of events of U1-3 from opening of NES Exodus hintbook beat'n
  • Spruce up/redo Exodus manga translation to remove stiltedness
  • Eventually get to translating Schwarzschild's Labyrinth, a copy of which is supposed to be arriving in my mailbox sooner or later is on my shelf and will be translated eventually, though it might be later rather than sooner, as the manga itself is rather ehhhhh. In the meantime, enjoy this

Schwarzschild's Labyrinth Extremely Early, Cursory, and Useful! Synopsis[edit]

The story after a quick skim: everyone's reincarnated in Genji's world, either in the present that he left or in its far future, with Aida and Lennon residing on a space station and Genji the product of cloning or genetic experiments and Mondain and Minax scientists who just discovered the remains of Exodus trapped in an asteroid and are trying to revive it and Bigelow being Sir Not-Appearing-in-This-Manga-At-Least-Not-Very-Much. Exodus makes monsters appear in space, the heroes fight back with mecha suits & sweet motorcycles, as shown.

Then there's a series of flashbacks through time and space before the heroes regain their memories, the first of which has Genji as a U.S. soldier in Vietnam and Aida as a Vietnamese civilian whom Genji's squad tries to kill in cold blood but Lennon takes the bullets. Genji's squad then decides just to rape her instead, making two rape threats against Aida in as many manga, but Genji shoots Rapist #1 before anything can happen, and they all get napalmed anyhow. Then there's a bit where Aida's Sleeping Beauty & Genji & Lennon are trying to rescue her, but that bit seems reasonably good so never mind, and then there's a part where Genji's in Blade Runner and Minax is Pris. For the title, there's eventually a black hole (for the Schwarzschild radius) but no labyrinth that I can see, save for the maze of timelines just recapped. I actually thought the artist was going reasonably light on gore this time, but it ends in part with Minax tenderly clutching Mondain's crushed, severed head to her chest, so never mind.

No, this doesn't have very much to do with Ultima whatsoever.