Urn of Gurnordir

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Urn of Gurnordir
The Urn of Gurnordir is a vessel containing the ashes of a legendary goblin chieftain. It could be found within he Knight's Test in Ultima VII Part Two.


Gurnordir, who was considered by the Monitorians to be their people's greatest foe,[1] was cremated following his death in battle, and his remains were installed in a dungeon used by the people of Monitor as an ordeal to test the mettle of aspirant knights. While the metaphysical mechanism behind their powers are unknown, the ashes are said to be imbued with the ideal of prowess,[2] and when an initiate mixes their own blood into the urn, a totemic animal -either a leopard, a wolf or a bear - will appear, thereby assigning the new knight to one of Monitor's three Commands.[3]


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