Snow Leopards

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Snow Leopards
Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard, from Ultima VII Part Two manual
Only appearance: Serpent Isle

Snow Leopards are large predatory cats native to multiple worlds. They appear in Ultima VII Part Two.


Snow leopards may be found in the frozen north lands of Serpent Isle, where they stalk the ice fields in search of prey. Unlike the solitary animals of the same name which inhabit Earth's central Asian mountains,[1] Serpent Islander leopards will attack unwary humans and will often hunt in groups. Despite the threat they pose, these beasts are frequently targeted by trappers, as their fur is a highly prized commodity throughout the realm.

Snow Cats[edit]

Hostile white-furred "snow cats" can be found roaming the ice caverns of the frozen world of Anodunos. While it is not known if these arctic felines bear any relation to the snow leopards of Serpent Isle, they are visually similar and share their counterparts' aggressive temperament.

Snow Leopards in Symbolism[edit]

Snow leopards lent their name to one of the totemic Clans which divided the city of Monitor on the Serpent Isle. This "Leopard Clan" saw the animal as evoking intelligence and cunning, and thought it emblematic of their emphasis on strategy in warfare.


Snow leopards are large, sleek felines native to colder climates. These man-eating beasts are equipped with sufficient claws and fangs to shred other creatures in a surprising flash of movement.

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