Ultima VIII Map of Pagan

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The Cloth Map
Included with Ultima VIII was this cloth map, showing the island Morgaelin on Pagan. The map is really unusual as it is a sort of photo-realistic top down-view of Morgaelin with no indicator where north is supposed to be on the map. While the map is useful for Tenebrae and its surroundings, showing that in sufficient detail, it gives no indication of the layout of the surrounding Catacombs or the other settlements.

While the American version had a high quality map with strong colors and fine detail, the map in the European version is infamous for its low quality. It has a thick yellow border around it, the cloth is of poor quality, and the colors are so washed out that it is difficult to tell things apart.

The European map can be seen below.

Alternate Maps[edit]


  • Despite being removed from Britannia, the placenames still appear in runic.
  • The cloth map is a good indication of how many places in the game have been removed from the released version. See Plot Cuts in Ultima VIII.

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