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Actual Ultima IX Cloth Map
Included with Ultima IX was this cloth map of Britannia. It is exactly the same map that Lord British gives the Avatar in the game after talking to him in the castle (since in the game it is a scanned version of the trinket map). Due to the in-game map, the use is rather limited.

The cloth map was identical in the American and European copies of the game. However, releases in less prevalent gaming markets throughout Europe (like Russia and Portugal) and elsewhere (China, Japan) didn't include a cloth map; rather, it was made of paper. This also held true for later European releases after Origin had exhausted their supply of cloth maps. The original cloth map has stronger colors than the later paper ones. The paper map is shown below.

Additionally, Denis Loubet, who drew the map, did make the source file available at 50% resolution in December 2015. The source file is not the final product, missing a number of details like the grid, various illustrations on the map as well as the runic lettering and the name of the land at the bottom. It only shows the land itself and the border around the map. The version here is again reduced to save space. The original can be found in the links.

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