Ten Pirates of Hawkins

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The Ten Pirates of Hawkins were former members of the crew of Captain Hawkins, whom they had murdered several years prior to Ultima VI.

These people were very important for the Avatar to locate the Treasure Map of Hawkins, which nine of these people each had a part of. The map was needed to find the Silver Tablet in order to translate the Book of Prophecies.

Some of the pirates are satirical namesakes of Electronic Arts employees at the time of the games' development.

Portrait Pirate name Real-life counterparts
- Captain Hawkins Trip Hawkins, CEO of Electronic Arts
Gordon.gif Alastor Gordon, first mate William Gordon, chief creative officer of EA
Ybarra.GIF Old Ybarra Joe Ybarra, developer and founder of EA
Bonn.gif Bonn Stewart Bonn, game producer at EA
Homer.gif Homer -
Heftimus.gif Heftimus McPry -
Mochella.gif Morchella -
Sandy.gif Sandy the cook -
- Nathaniel Moorehead -
- Ol' Hawknose -
- Unnamed Pirate -


  • The reason why some EA employees were represented as pirates is that the relations between EA and Origin Sys. started deteriorating during the development of Ultima VI.