Stone Harpies

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Stone Harpies
Stone Harpy
Stone Harpy, from Ultima VII Part Two manual
First appearance: Ultima VII
Last appearance: Serpent Isle

Stone harpies are a variety of enchanted statues in the shape of harpies which are capable of movement and even flight. They appear in Ultima VII and Ultima VII Part Two.


It is unknown when these constructs were first developed, but they appeared in both Britannia and on Serpent Isle as magical guards, standing stationary until such time as they were approached by intruders. While some sources claim that they originated with the eccentric Martingo of Spektran, several specimens could be found throughout New Sosaria, making their exact origins hard to pinpoint.


The stone harpy is the creation of the twisted mind of the magus and paranoid lord of Spektran. It is reputed to be magically triggered by the approaching close approach of any creature.
Harpy is a misnomer, for the name actually refers to any enchanted statue capable of human-like animation. In general, these stone constructions are used to guard valuables long-since secreted away in dark tombs.

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