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Stegosaurus from The Savage Empire Cluebook
Only appearance: Savage Empire

The huge Stegosaurus, with its very sharp, spiny plates, is usually a peaceful animal in the valley of Eodon. If avoided, it normally shows no interest in fighting. However, should it become angered, it is more than capable of defending itself, shredding opponents with its spiked tail. Even the mighty Tyrannosaurus avoids it when possible.

In Eodon, Stegosaurus hide is used in the construction of protective shields. They are widely known as the best primitive armour available (next to the rare and highly-advanced Kotl shields).


Family Stegosauridae. This beast dates to the late Jurassic era (around 144 million years ago), was some 25 feet long, and weighs around four tons. An herbivore, it is notable for the series of spiny plates which protrude from its spine, and for the knot of sharp spikes at the end of its tail - its most formidable weapon. I regret to say that I cannot settle the debate over whether the spiny plates are actually armor or a mere heat - dispersal mechanism; none of these plated beasts has allowed me to get close enough to determine this. However, the natives of the Kurak Tribe say that monsters such as the Sharptooth (Tyrannosaurus) circumspectly avoid the spines when attacking the Stegosaurus, which is some evidence that they play a definite defensive role.

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