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Smilodon from Savage Empire manual
Only appearance: Savage Empire

Smilodons, are huge, highly agressive sabre-toothed tigers living in the valley of Eodon. These beasts can grow to huge size, have a mouthful of sharp teeth, and thousands of years of evolution have taught them how to use these teeth to efficiently shred their prey. Once a Smilodon spots its target, it makes a vicious frontal attack. Seemingly to add insult to injury, they often wait after granting a mortal wound for their prey to slowly die.

Seen only in Savage Empire, these dangerous predators should be avoided whenever possible. However, they do yield beautiful hides if their carcasses are skinned with a knife; this is necessary to build a giant drum.


Family Felidae. This beast, dating from the late Pleistocene era (about 10,000 years ago), is the archetypal "sabre - toothed tiger." Here, as with the Haakur, conditions in the Valley of Eodon have made the creature match its popular conception rather than its outer - world reality. Though laymen regard the "sabre-toothed tiger" as a monster the size of a Kodiak bear, actual outer - world smilodons seldom grew longer than four feet. However, in the Valley of Eodon, I have seen many sabre - tooths four times that size. The smilodons of the valley are vicious, brutish animals, terrifyingly aggressive in combat and capable of little cunning; they have been known to mortally wound their prey and sit back for it do die, but that is the extent of their "tactics."

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