Shadow Beasts

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Shadow Beasts
Shadow Beast
Shadow Beast, sceenshot in-game
Only appearance: Ultima Underworld I

The Shadow Beast has a transparent, featureless humanoid form with glowing, yellow eyes much like those of a Dire Ghost. In combat it lashes out with its powerful claws.

Despite its description below, this creature is not totally invisible; it becomes so briefly during the combat, reappearing at a slightly different position, making hitting it difficult. The Avatar encountered only two of them in the first Ultima Underworld. Shadow Beasts haven't been seen since, possibly destroyed by the eruption of the Abyss.


There is little we can say about this entity, or family of entities - we obviously cannot see that which is invisible, so we do not know how many there are. The Shadow Beast is thought to be immensely powerful, more than a match for any single warrior. When attacked by unseen adversary, first look up (for a flying attacker) and down (lest a small worm or other foe is striking) - if none of these be the case, then suspect the Shadow Beast and begin to strike in all directions!