Rudyom's Wand

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Rudyom's Wand
Rudyom's Wand (or transmuter) is a magical device that inadvertently causes blackrock to explode. It appears in Ultima VII and Ultima VII Part Two.


Before the corrupted ether caused his slow descent into senility, the mage Rudyom had worked extensively with blackrock, hoping that he could eventually create an easy means of using appropriate magical, magnetic, and electrical energies to render the extraordinarily hardy mineral pliable. Much to his frustration, however, the transmutation wand he had designed for this task failed to create malleable blackrock, and instead caused the substance to violently explode. Disappointed with his failure, the mage set the dangerous wand aside, presuming it to be of little use.[1]

The Avatar, however, would come to have need of a device that could annihilate blackrock, as the hero would eventually be required to destroy the Guardian's Black Gate. With prompting from the Time Lord, Britannia's protector would seek out Rudyom's wand—which the ailing magician would gladly relinquish—and use it to shatter the blackrock moongate just as the Destructor of Worlds sought to enter the realm.

Eighteen months later, Lord British would send the wand with the Avatar's company on their voyage to the Serpent Isle, only to have the hero lose it to the fury of a teleport storm shortly after making landfall. When it was at last retrieved in Vasculio's haven within the depths of Skullcrusher, it was discovered that its functioning had been warped during teleportation, and that it now only functioned to make people sneeze.


  • In the SNES port of Ultima VII, Rudyom wandered into a cave to dispose of his wand, accidentally leaving it in the lair of a dragon.[2]


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