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A lot of movie-cutscenes were either altered or removed during the development of Ultima IX, when the plot was changed significantly. Most of it is probably lost forever, but some things can be restored either from old teaser trailers videos or the intro of Ultima Online: Third Dawn, which used a lot of the unused footage (it is from Ultima IX as another teaser video proves). More material is found in an interview with Richard Garriott, which is found in the Ultima Collection. The quality is not stellar, but this is the best possible quality available, considering the original source. Gaps are filled in from the remaining footage in the game that got published.

The Guardian's First Sending: Pagan Revisited[edit]

This is possibly the best reconstructed sequence, as it was very prominent throughout the promotion of the game, therefore most of it still is in the game and the rest can be reconstructed easily from the various teasers. In the sequence, the Guardian sends Lord British a dream where he watches from his castle balcony the Avatar summoning Pyros to destroy Pagan and in the end getting destroyed himself by the king of daemons.

The in-game video in the final game cut away all references to Lord British and the castle in the background was obscured with clouds, although not entirely successful, as a small part of the wall can be seen, when Pyros' hand emerges.

Reconstructed from the in-game video and all four teaser trailers.

Another Nightmare[edit]

While it is not completely sure if these sequences go together, the Third Dawn intro implies so. The appearance in trailers clearly proves that this video originally was made for Ultima IX. In another of the Guardian's nightmares, Lord British sees himself sitting old and weak on his throne. Suddenly red hands appear and drag him intro the ground (like happened to the Avatar in the Pyros-dream) and he wakes up in fright.

This video never appeared in the final game.

Reconstructed from the Third Dawn intro and the July trailer.

The Prison Dream[edit]

In this dream, Lord British dreams he's sitting in his throne room, when suddenly everything fades into a prison cell. However, he isn't alone for long, when suddenly the Avatar is thrown into the cell. This video had a variation, where the real imprisonment was lacking Lord British.

In the final game, only the variation video without Lord British was used.

Reconstructed from the in-game video, the Third Dawn intro and the Promo trailer.

The Army Nightmare[edit]

In a dream, the Guardian tells Lord British that the Avatar wants to usurp his throne. First Lord British dreams waking up, seeing lights in his bedroom. Suddenly he sees a huge army and then... The Avatar is leading it and war leaders swear loyalty to him! The soldiers cheer and the Avatar raises his arms in triumph. Lord British now is sure... the Avatar is a traitor. In the real world, the scene shows the armies that had almost clashed at the Shrine of Justice.

This video never appeared in the final game.

Reconstructed from the Heavy Metal trailer, a Richard Garriott Interview, the Third Dawn intro and some stills found separately.

Original Endgame[edit]

In the original endgame, after the people in Skara Brae got to safety, Lord British and the Avatar initiate Armageddon from the roof of Stonegate. This sequence remained mostly intact, just with the beginning -them casting the spell- and the ending -both looking at the aftermath- missing.

The original ending, minus the part where the people on Skara Brae get to safety, is found here as a video.

The Guardian's Eyes[edit]

These shots obviously factor into the nightmares the Guardian sends Lord British. The eyes feature prominently. There seem to be two sets of animations, each at the beginning and the end of a sequence of "sending". At the beginning, the face of the Guardian is seen and after some seconds everything apart from his eyes fades to black, the two flames ignite and then Lord British's bedroom fades in. The end is the process in reverse, only that the Guardian's face isn't visible at the end, just the eyes over the flames.

None of these appear in the final game.

Reconstructed from the Promo trailer, the Heavy Metal trailer and the interview with Richard Gariott.


These shots can't be clearly put into one category or identified to belong to one sequence.