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Several Trailers were made for Ultima IX in 1998 by Origin during the advertisement campaign. These trailers nowadays are of great worth, as they often contain cutscenes that were removed from the final game. Four official trailers were made, and two special mentions have to be made.

Ultima IX Trailers[edit]

Heavy Metal Trailer[edit]

At some point in early 1998, Electronic Arts put a teaser preview of Ultima IX in their publicly accessible FTP site. It vanished only days later. The reason is unclear but speculation goes that the completely unfitting heavy metal music is the reason.

The Heavy Metal Trailer

July Trailer[edit]

Another Ultima IX trailer that was released on July 98 on the official Origin website. It does show different cinematics from the previous one and had a more fitting music. In it, Lord British laments that Britannia has fallen into darkness and that the Avatar has to return to save the land.

The July trailer

Promo Trailer[edit]

This is probably the best-known trailer, as it was shipped together with the Ultima Collection. It sports very gripping music and yet another set of cinematics, which interestingly enough help together with the two previous trailers, to mostly piece together the Pyros scene.

The Promo Trailer

Xmas Trailer[edit]

This trailer was at first only accessible to Origin employees. Besides the last important part of the Pyros cinematic and some other stuff, it shows interesting pictures how the monster models were created.

The Xmas trailer

Special Mentions[edit]

Third Age Intro[edit]

This one is interesting, lots of scenes that were cut from Ultima IX were recycled for the into of Ultima Online: Third Dawn. The intro sports a whole nightmare sequence of Lord British, mixed in with Ultima Online stuff and replaced audio.

The Third Dawn Intro

Richard Garriott Interview[edit]

In this interview with Richard Garriott, where he speaks about the old version of Ultima IX, parts of the army scene and the eyes of the Guardian scene can be seen. This interview was published in the Ultima Collection.

The Interview