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Only appearance: Savage Empire

The flying Pterosaurias (or "super-pteranodons") of the valley of Eodon can be a real threat to the adventurer. Like oversized birds of prey, they attack with their sharp claws and beak, causing serious injuries. As engaging this creature in melee is almost impossible, it is best to shoot them down with missile weapons from a distance before they can come within range.

Pteranodon hide is too tough to cut, but baby pteranodons have not yet developed this natural defense. Killing a pteranodon chick will yield roast pteranodon, with meat that is tender enough to eat.


Numerous examples of the famous flying reptiles are in evidence in the valley. The species they represent date from the early Jurassic (213 million years ago) to the late Cretaceous (some 65 million years ago), from the Dimorphodon of England to the Quetzalcoatlus of the southwestern United States. In addition, another pterosaurian species, a super-pteranodon who dwarfs the mighty Quetzalcoatlus and is capable of becoming airborne while carrying hundreds of pounds of prey, exists in the valley; I do not know whether it is a survival of a hitherto-undiscovered species from the outer world or a species which has developed in the peculiar conditions of the Valley of Eodon. When I have had opportunities to examine more of these "super-pteranodons," I shall provide the scientific community with more data on them ... and, of course, will take the discoverer's perogative of naming the species.

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