Pod Devils

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Pod Devils
Pod Devils from Martian Dreams manual
Only appearance: Martian Dreams

The bizarre Pod Devils of Mars are small, vicious nuisances. They hatch from their pods early if the mother plant is disturbed, and attack the intruder like a swarm of bees, using their sharp teeth. Thankfully they are quite weak, and a determined adventurer can kill them without much of a problem.

Pod Devils are found wherever their mother plants grow.


Here is a creature with no Earthly equivalent. Three times during the Martian year, the mysterious pod devil blooms. Anywhere from five to 30 pods appear on each mature adult. Within each pod, a young devil begins to grow. If left alone, the pods drop to the ground and a fully grown pod devil emerges. If the "mother" plant is disturbed before the "babies" reach full maturity, a variable number of pods burst, releasing immature (and quite vicious) devils. The young are bipedal, frog-like whirlwinds of teeth and claws. They have been reported to attack from a distance by hurling small stones, an indication of relatively high intelligence. If one of the prematurely-released young dies, a new pod devil plant grows on the spot thus assuring the continuation of the species.

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