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Plesiosaur from Savage Empire manual
Only appearance: Savage Empire

Plesiosaurs dwell within the lakes found in the valley of Eodon. They can grow to impressive lengths, but are surprisingly agile despite their size. Aggressive and potentially lethal within their domain, they can be avoided by simply staying away from the waters they call home. Otherwise, safer means of traversing their waters must be found first, as the Plesiosaurs are fairly numerous in the valley.


Order Plesiosauria, Superfamily Plesiosauroidea. This is a water-dwelling dinosaur dating to the early Jurassic (some 200 million years ago). Growing to twenty to twenty-five feet in the valley, the plesiosaur is a dangerous and aggressive animal. Certain outer-world descendants of the species grew to more than forty feet in length, and may well be represented in the deeper waters of the valley. The still waters (such as the swamps) are sufficiently rife with them that it is unsafe to cross except on a raft or perhaps on the back of an accommodating apatosaurus or archelon.

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