Ness Creatures

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Ness Creatures
Ness Creature
Ness Creature, from Ultima I manual
Also known as: Sea Monster
First appearance: Ultima I
Last appearance: Ultima II, "Sea Monster"

Ness creatures are gargantuan sea monsters which prowled the oceans of archaic Sosaria, as well as making an appearance on Earth during the temporal alterations of that planet's time line under Minax.


Ness creatures are one of many watery leviathans which have haunted the seas of the pre-Britannian world. Resembling the plesiosaurs of pre-historic Earth, these sizable monsters are known to assault sea vessels and travelers venturing to close to shore. Unlike many other aquatic beasts, the damage done by a Ness creature is accomplished entirely by its gigantic body, as the beast lacks any means of distance attack such as the fiery breath commonly associated with dragonoids, making it an altogether more avoidable peril to those who stayed inland.

Following the death of Minax, these creatures eventually vanished - from both Earth and Sosaria. On the latter, it has been speculated that they might have adapted themselves to the rapidly changing seascape, becoming sea serpents by the time of Ultima III. It is also possible that these bygone beasts simply died off as they likely did in the Avatar's homelands, having recused themselves to the realms of pre-history and the occasional Scottish lake.


The seas surrounding Sosaria are home to a number of beasts, among which numbers the dread Ness Creature. For many years these reptilian behemoths were thought to be naught but the workings of the overwrought imaginations of mariners. The sinking of the frigate Pembroke in plain view of a small armada hath disproven this belief.
If it weren't so big, it might be a swan - until it comes after your frigate.


  • The Ness Creature is obviously inspired by "Nessie," the cryptid alleged to inhabit the lake Loch Ness in the highlands of Scotland.

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