Mechanical Men

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Mechanical Men
Mechanical Man from Martian Dreams manual
Only appearance: Martian Dreams

Mechanical Men are essentially a line of robots created by the Martians of Mars. Each one is created for a specific job, that is normally already obvious from its name. Most simply can only do this job and have little other intelligence, but some have a more sophisticated programming, allowing them to "think outside of the box." They are no danger at all and completely unagressive.

Created for underground work with little to no sunlight (Martians, as plant-people, relied on sunlight), they are logically encountered in the factory and maintanance sections of the underground complexes of Mars.


In order to tend the machines, the Martians created metal surrogates, specialized devices that we of the late 20th century would call robots. Lowell dubbed them "mechanical men." The mechanical men vary widely in appearance and, we can only assume, in function. Unfortunately, the underground areas are sufficiently dangerous that Lowell and the others did little investigating. The nature and functioning of the mechanical men remains, therefore, a mystery.

Notable Examples[edit]