Jumping Beans

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Jumping beans
Jumping Beans from Martian Dreams manual
Only appearance: Martian Dreams

At first, one might think that Jumping Beans are harmless, or even cute; they are small, and only eat plants. On Mars, however, things are never as they seem. Jumping Beans are highly aggressive, to the point of being mean. While they don't do much damage and are easily killed, they usually attack in big packs, making them quite a nuisance.

Jumping beans are usually found near berry patches.


The rabbit-like jumping bean looks almost comical as it traverses the Martian landscape with a peculiar hopping gait. Don't be deceived by its 1ooks, however, or its herbivorous nature -- beans are quite aggressive. In fact, they're just plain nasty, seemingly for the fun of it. (How else do you explain an herbivore that attacks without provocation?) A pack of jumping beans is quite dangerous, giving pause even to the carnivores of Mars.

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