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Item Identification is a skill in Ultima Online that has grown pointless by now. Its two properties are revealing the exact properties of an item, and letting the player determine the sell value of said item. The first function now is taken over by a tooltip regardless of skill, and the second use is undermined by the fact that NPCs always pay the same price (which generally is very little). The skill should not be confused with Arms Lore, which does have a purpose.

To train the skill, players generally just have to try and guess the worth of items, there is no other way to train the skill, and no trainers exist.

Tables of the old use[edit]

The following table shows the list of properties weapons had before the Age of Shadows expansion.

Prefix Bonus Prefix Bonus
Magic Armor
Durable +5 to armor HP Defense +5 to AR
Substantial +10 to armor HP Guarding +10 to AR
Massive +15 to armor HP Hardening +15 to AR
Fortified +20 to armor HP Fortification +20 to AR
Indestructible +25 to armor HP Invulnerability +25 to AR
Magic Weapons
Accurate +5 to weapon skill Ruin +1 Damage
Surpassingly Accurate +10 to weapon skill Might +3 Damage
Eminently Accurate +15 to weapon skill Force +5 Damage
Exceedingly Accurate +20 to weapon skill Power +7 Damage
Supremely Accurate +25 to weapon skill Vanquishing +9 Damage
Durable +10 to item HP
Substantial +20 to item HP
Massive +30 to item HP
Fortified +40 to item HP
Indestructible +50 to item hp