Ice Worms

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Ice Worms
Ice Worm
Ice Worm, from Ultima VII Part Two manual
Only appearance: Serpent Isle

Ice worms are blue-hued creatures native to the icy climes of Serpent Isle. They appear in Ultima VII Part Two.


Ice worms may be found on the cold plains of the north lands, where they roam the ice fields in search of prey. While they are possessed of an aggressive temperament, these beasts are easily dispatched by a prepared explorer and are frequently hunted for their hearts, which act as a magical reagent in numerous ice spells.

White Worms[edit]

On the frozen world of Anodunos there exists a race of blue-skinned predatory worms known as "white worms." These creatures bear obvious similarity to the ice worms of Serpent Isle, although it is unknown if any link exists between them.


Large, squirming creatures without appendages, it is from these beasts that we get our supply of a rare reagent, worm’s heart.

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