Hydrae (U6)

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Hydra, from Ultima VI manual
Only appearance: Ultima VI

Encountered only in Ultima VI, the carnivorous hydra is a hostile plant native to the swamplands of Britannia, possessing a central, mouth-like structure from which numerous tentacles radiate to strike at nearby threats.

Curiously, this aggressive bit of flora shares its name with the multi-headed hydra seen in Ultima IV and Ultima VII.


The putrid quagmire of the swamp is the spawning ground of this botanical nightmare. Survivors of the Great Battle on the Bloody Plains tell of driving the enemy into the adjacent swamplands where the carnivorous hydras completed their mission of destruction. While fearsome, hydras also bring good luck, of a sort - when one finds a hydra, the valued nightshade mushroom can usually be found close by.

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