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Hydra, from Ultima VII manual
First appearance: Ultima IV
Last appearance: Ultima VII

This article is about a type of three-headed dragon. For the carnivorous plant which appears in Ultima VI, see Hydrae (U6).

Hydrae are large reptilian beasts, similar in power and intelligence to dragons, but unique in that each hydra sports three separate heads - each with a distinct personality of its own. These creatures appear in Ultima IV and Ultima VII.


Hydrae are generally believed to be a sub-species of dragons, and certainly possess both magical and physical prowess similar to that of their single-headed counterparts. Often found lurking within the depths of the cavernous dungeons, hydrae often hold conversations amongst their various "selves," and disagreements between its three heads may provide a canny adventure with an opening for a preemptive assault.


Beware the evil breath of the multi-headed Hydra! The massive fireballs can fry most members of thy party.
This creature is a type of dragon that possesses three heads. Like the dragon, a hydra can also fly and breathe fire.

Notable examples[edit]

Conversation with the Hydra in Ultima VII


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