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Dimetrodon from Savage Empire manual
Only appearance: Savage Empire

This reptile, the Dimetrodon, is a small but persistant pest. Disliking the heat of the day and the cold of the night, it usually hunts during the early dawn. Its usual modus operandi is to clamp it sharp jaws into the prey and then not let go until it has bled to death. The seasoned adventurer in Eodon should take this one out from afar to avoid this attack.


Order Pelycosauria. Not technically a dinosaur, this creature belonged to that class of reptiles from which the mammals evolved. Dimetrodon dates to the early Permian era (about 286 million years ago). This four-legged, low-slung reptile is about 13' long, weighing some 450 pounds, and features a large, sail - like spinal crest used to regular its body heat. It has very powerful jaws and kills its prey by clamping onto and holding its victim until it perishes. In the Valley of Eodon, it's an early - morning hunter, usually making its kill shortly after dawn or going hungry for the day.

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