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Deinonychus from Savage Empire manual
Only appearance: Savage Empire

At a mere six feet in height, Deinonychus are some of the smaller dinosaurs in the valley of Eodon, but their size is not a factor in their lethality. Deinonychus run especially fast on two legs, and are excellent at coordinating with each other, hunting in packs. A group of aggressive Deinonychus can spell certain death for the unprepared adventurer.

Only large, well-equipped parties stand a decent a chance against this threat.


A pair of deinonychus
Family Dromaeosauridae. The Deinonychus dates to the early Cretaceous (some 144 million years ago) and is a fast-moving carnivorous dinosaur which runs on two legs. It grows to about 12 feet in length, stands around 6' in height, and weighs as much as a man. While living with the Yolaru Tribe, I had opportunity to see a pack of Deinonychus hunting, attacking, and killing a juvenile Apatosaurus, a most remarkable and illuminating sight. It is my hope that in future letters I may provide commentary on the social structure of the Deinonychus and other saurian species.

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